Laziness sprawls languidly
across my dazed weekend brain
as it slowly shucks the dried-out shell
of the disagreeableness of the week.
So its sour words
and painful indecisions
cannot invade my saturday sanctuary.

Head nodding over the essential book,
I drift between a fantasy world
(that knows nothing of my problems)
and sweetly healing catnaps
(that know only the gentle drift into oblivion).

Outside the world goes on.
Its noises drift faintly to me, but
its stress is blissfully absent
Alone, I am sufficient company for myself,
and in my nest above the streets, I breathe
the quiet oxygen of restoration.

For poefusion’s Friday five – catnap, essential, sour, disagreeable, absent. This one almost wrote itself!

13 responses to “Weekend

  1. I love the last line – “I breathe the quiet oxygen of restoration.” and “my dazed weekend brain”

    it’s nice to able to breathe once in a while, unwind the mind and the body, even if for just one day

  2. Unwinding is a good thing – essential, surely! Nice work…

  3. Don’t you just love Saturdays for the rest they allow? Its pleasing to do what you want even if it is for a day or two. Nice job. Have a nice night.

  4. hey, i’m new here and accidentally stumble upon your poetry. we share the same interest.
    the last line is too telling,
    “I breathe
    the quiet oxygen of restoration”,
    how about, I breathe
    along the quiet company of restoration.
    just a suggestion.
    if you happen to visit my site, feel free to comment. ๐Ÿ˜› keep writing!

  5. I like the opening line and the closing line. Beautifully done middle!

    Writing style meme

  6. The thing about reality, is that for five days a week, it’s really someone else’s. When Saturday comes, you have to escape from it just to reaccquint yourself with…yourself.

  7. I loved this line…”alone, I am sufficient company for myself.” It’s good to be able to say that, and believe it.

  8. I really lovelovelove! the second stanza!! I am definitely looking forward to this weekend too! I need a break! A very soothing piece (peace). ๐Ÿ˜€ Hehe. pun!!

  9. what a great title!!!…. enclosed in the weekend of such beautiful thoughts… it is just so… the last line i love..

  10. Glad you all like it – and hey, it’s Friday tomorrow, which means the weekend is nearly here again!

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