Sun, sky and stork

Some days simply soar.
Some days, the clouds are just
an elegant fresco highlighting
the azure dome of sky.

Some days the light radiates joy
without dazzling.
Some days the earth surpasses
the most beautifully imagined heaven.

Some days all our dreams
come flying swiftly home
borne on the effortless span
of gliding white wings.

This day, and all days, may your wings
soar through your life’s heartfelt story
writing eloquent clouds
on the bright page of sky.

For Skywatch Friday and One single impression


42 responses to “Sun, sky and stork

  1. I like the subtle sunbeams framing the picture.

  2. lovely, “writing eloquent clouds on the bright page of sky.”, you could not said it better, sky watching and sky writing – a perfect match, and nice pic of the sky

  3. Beautiful shots and beautiful words.

  4. It looks as if the bird is writing in the sky with those little whispy clouds in the centre there.

  5. The sunbeams seem to be lighting the way for the stork.

  6. Lirone: Beautiful Sky and poem for SWF. The Stork is also a real bonus.

  7. Like the poetry that accompanies your photo.

    Is that really a stork? Cool!

  8. The photo is beautiful and your word eloquently capture the essence of the image.

  9. A truly beautiful post, both photo and the words.

  10. Nice skies and a lovely poem!

  11. Great poem to go with such a fine shot… the stork was a delightful capture..

  12. Love the picture and words. nice post

  13. Beautiful post and I loved the story that you used with it! Great job!!

  14. I envy the birds! Great SWF!

  15. That is a beautiful sky there!

    Mine is here;
    Sky Watch #8

  16. I love the poem and the photo, beautiful.
    Thank you and have a nice weekend.

  17. Spectacular in every way. Thanks for this post.

  18. you have a beautiful picture, nice capture of the sky and I love the bird too. If you have time visit me here:

  19. Beautiful photo and poem

  20. Happy Sky Watch…I love your picture this week….hope you have a great weekend and please come and see my big surprise for sky watch this week. cheers.

  21. Beautiful photo and poem!

  22. just look at those rays! I love it!

  23. Great photo and lovely poem.

  24. I love storks, glad to find you write as well as you photograph.

  25. Such a beautiful post — picture AND words!

  26. Beautiful sky added to wonderfully by the bird.

  27. Like the sun rays peaking behind the clouds.

  28. Nice poem and picture. I like the composition with the sunbeams and the flying bird. Well done.

  29. Truly lovely – more at peace than mine promised.

  30. really nice post. thanks.

  31. Lovely skies with the soaring bird with the lovely flowing poem. Happy SWF! 🙂

  32. Wowie – this is so perfectly beautiful – a song of praise to the skies when they are gentle seeming. My heart lifted as i read and re-read this. G

  33. Sun, sky, and stork – who could ask for more? Lovely!

  34. the stork owns the sky!


  35. Lovely sky, photo, and poem. Perfect. 🙂

  36. I love the sun rays peeking out from behind the clouds and radiating down. Subtle but beautiful.

  37. The whole pic has a soaring feeling! Clouds, tree branches and bird lifting upwards! Beautiful!

  38. Beautiful swf captures! I love how illuminated your clouds are! And the sunbeams are wonderful! Great job! And oh so beautiful words~I could read that over and over!
    You have an interesting blog~I will have to explore more! Happy weekend, and happy sky~watching!

  39. Great sky watch! Love the combo of sky watch and poetry!

  40. Very beautiful photo and poem.

    We’ve been having some excitement here in Laos. My SWF offering shows scenes of floods and sandbagging over here.

  41. Simple but effective. There was a lot of going on in the photo and the long poem was really excellent. writing eloquent clouds…what an ending! Me likey.

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