my heart’s song

I sing the pain
of the heart that yearns
(as endless poets have pleaded)
to be the object of love
but rather to be its subject
the heart that is trying to remember
how to love
how to lose itself in the depths of another’s eyes

I sing of the guilt
of the heart that feels
it is somehow culpable
for not being a beholder of beauty
for not finding, in this infinite world
even one person before whom
it bows down in exultation

I sing of the searching
as much within as without
to match my soul to another’s
wondering if it is some sickness,
some lack, in me
that stops me finding what I seek
not a heart of gold waiting to be brought to light
but a cunning tooth biting in too strict a test

(I sing… yet how can I sing?
for my voice, too, is searching in silence
where the cries of the soul are drowned
by the voices of critics debating
how that pain should be voiced
when each life-giving gulp of air is poisoned
by instructions on how to breathe)

I sing of the loneliness
of a heart that refuses to be deceived
by the flattering haze of romance
of a heart that knows what it wants
and will not settle for less
that cannot look away from the truth
that what it seeks is not here, not now

the heart that suffers
if what it seeks
will ever
be found


One response to “my heart’s song

  1. i like this honest , deep looking poem.
    and i must answer – for sure, or not…. this time will tell. also.. love is (knows well i am not the one to say but yet…) not about finding perfect but finding equal. and more then that…. stop searching…. when one is busy searching when have no time to found. search , for me, means no trust in god…. you try to do all the work and you give no place to life to enter, fulfill what is needed, and when you stop searching, then life can bring it presents, and there is no trouble with the timing, when it happen it happen and when it is not , other gifts also show up and no need to warry.
    easiyer said then done, but this is my life exprieance

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