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When I watch myself reflected in your eyes
Why do I see an ocean, surging deep?

What is it that makes you fear to set sail?
My waters run deep – but they are not cruel.
I caress many shores – yet endlessly return
with the constant loyalty of the tides.

I am no foam-born goddess. Just a woman
who knows her light too well to hide in fear
The wave-glitter is not a stabbing searchlight
Just my mind’s joy calling you to dance with me.

Meantime, my loneliness is oceans-wide
salty with my tears of longing for a man
who can surf the rip-curl of my beating heart
and come safe to the haven of my embrace.

Why do I see you staring like a grown man
clutching waterwings in a clammy hand?


The photo is Mermaid in the Ocean, originally uploaded by snuglyteaddybear2007.



Like a tree in bright green bud, a child, even newly born
Delights the eyes with a simple beauty it’s hard not to adore.
Small limbs’ quest to walk and run drives a perfection of form
But growing up, they somehow learn a desperate need for more.

Struggling for light and air like jungle parasites
Beauties strive obsessively to be the fashion queen
And see the glamour of their faces lit by dazzling lights.
But envy, greed and artifice kill the beauty that is unseen.

Piercing, plucking, preening and perming, delicate daubing with dye
Gel and heat conspiring to tame long hair’s luxuriant coils
Applying torture devices even to the lashes of the eye!
All obscuring the natural beauty that time cannot despoil.

The softer light of real beauty shines gently from inside
And has nothing to do with the brilliant glare of tungsten or halide

This sonnet was inspired by the picture above, the Monday Mural at Poefusion, which is by Alizarin at Deviant Art. You can see what other poets have made of the same prompt in the comments at Poefusion.

And I’m celebrating, because I’ve completed my own NaPoWriMo – thirty-one poems in the month of July – three days early! It’s been an interesting journey to write so prolifically, but really hasn’t been a struggle, particularly with the help of some excellent prompts (look at the rainbow of prompt links in my sidebar!). Some of the poems are weaker than others, and they would all benefit from more polishing. But I’ve learnt a lot about writing in the process – and had a lot of fun expressing some ideas that interest me, or matter deeply. Which is really the point!

Inner light

I thought I saw your inner light, burning valiant, sweet and true
And I loved and cherished the brillant flame which I thought was you.

I noticed the flickerings of your fire as it struggled to burn old, bitter fuel
But still you shone with such integrity I was sure you would never be cruel

And then I saw that light turn cold as ice, suddenly lashing out at me
With the cruelty of desperate fear – the shock almost worse than the misery.

Later still, I saw that light half-choked in a mound of jagged metal rubble
I cut my hands trying to set you free, but my efforts only worsened your trouble

And now I wonder if that inner light was ever truly there at all
Or just an illusion I wanted to believe, now vanished beyond recall.

This was partly inspired by a prompt at read write poem to write about light – check out what other poets have produced here.