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Together – a Burmese Climbing rhyme

So they were true,
the words you said!
I knew, deep down –
yet still found it
astounding we
could stop grieving
so easily –
once more free, to
just be in love.
Like a dove wings
above the wood
to her good home,
we could nest too,
me and you, with
our wounds now healed.

This is my first attempt at a Burmese climbing rhyme, an intriguing form that I came across thanks to Michelle at Poefusion, who came across it at The Miss Rumphius Effect. Each line is of four syllables, and uses end and internal rhymes in the following pattern: 

x x x a
x x a x
x a x b
x x b x
x b x c
x x c x
x c x x

(Edit – I’ve just realised it’s possible to go on indefinitely with this form, so have expanded the poem beyond its original seven lines!)