Gathering round the fire

This year I’ve had the real pleasure of uniting some of my deepest interests – music, poetry and my humanist outlook on life – to write some songs for the British Humanist Association.

Here’s a song we’ve recorded recently – it’s now released on itunes and all proceeds go to the British Humanist Association, with some of the money going to support the BHA choir to record more music for humanist celebrations.

Flame and friendship, gifts and giving
Defying the winter’s ire
An instinct known to all the living
Gathering round the fire

May your fireside be warm and the people you hold dear be close at hand either in the real world or in this mad and wonderful online network!


One response to “Gathering round the fire

  1. Hey you, it’s been a long time. I’m checking back in. I’ll be browsing here, catching up. Are you still around? I trust just too happy and busy and engaged with life now to put energy into blogging here? Remembered I borrowed your blogroll before I disappeared into life myself, don’t remember if I ever acknowledged the theft. Meant to replace mine a return yours but only now returning to my own blog. Are you posting elsewhere? Write when you can. Best regards,

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