The path to intimacy
Is not through caressing
But through the mind

Overcoming hesitancy
Through confessing,
Letting stories unwind

Daring to abandon secrecy
Optimistically guessing
The hearer will be kind

Will you love what you see
in the candid undressing
of the curves of my mind?


4 responses to “Invitation

  1. A Beautiful poem! Although I happen to think the path to intimacy is through both caressing and the mind. But “caressing” is probably over-emphasized these days, and the mind not nearly enough.

  2. I agree with Paul. The mind is not emphasized enough. Also, interesting rhyme structure =)

  3. This is a wonderful poem! I always talk to my couples about getting to the place where they feel safe enough to be “emotionally naked”.

  4. That’s a lovely poem, Lirone. You present very convincing reasons to take the question seriously. Hope you are well. Cheers.

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