No songs are sung of the pain
Of something going nearly right.

Of the unrestfulness of trying
to puzzle out, is it right enough?

Of the sad dragging of knowing
that nearly is less than we need

The silence of two hands not meeting
The wrenching misery of silver

And sometimes I’d rather have nothing
than that cold consolation of nearly

That leaves me lonesome in that small
and bitter space – between there

…………………………………………..and nearly there

Photo is incomplete, originally uploaded by Dawn Ashley.


5 responses to “nearly

  1. beautiful! it is indeed more agonizing to be nearly there than nothing.

  2. nobody remember the runner-up, but the road is much more importent the temple at the end, so…
    i loved the not meeting hands there, and that beautiful photo

  3. really, really nice poem… and powerful…

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  5. This perfectly captures how I feel coming to grips with “nearly” what I need. Thank you!

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