Against the night

strong against the night, the lights shining
red on the dark river, a bridge spanning
bright through the cloud drift, Venus glinting
slow down old alleys, our steps straying
outfacing old hurts, my heart hoping


The photo is Thames River panorama at night, London, originally uploaded by David Bukach.


3 responses to “Against the night

  1. Perfect poem for the picture.

  2. That’s London Bridge, looking south. Tower Bridge is a little way to your left, with Hays Wharf (that old brick warehouse) almost opposite.

    The view from a London taxi along The Embankment at night never fails to enthrall me.

    Loved the poem, too.

  3. Hello Lirone~ I haven’t stopped by in awhile and thought I would see what you were up to. Your words embellish the photo well. As always your words flow well. Have a nice evening.

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