impossible bridge

like a roman arch
the bridge of a conversation
stands through the stones’ trusting alignment
and the solid support
of both sides.

When it stands solid
it’s child’s play to run from one side to the other
lean on the balustrade, hand in hand
and watch the world flow by.

but then one day you started kicking away
the foundation of your side of the bridge
testing each word to destruction
analysing motivations
with a chiselling eye
I lurched and fell,
mortar dissolved
in bitter tears
you kicked harder
until the keystone

and now the words of our conversations
are not a solid arc of flowing words
but stones thrown across a river
in the dark

so I sit lonely
among dust and stone and half-words
piling one stone on another
trying to build an impossible bridge
with only one pillar to support 
the half-span reaching out into empty air

in my attempts to reach you
sometimes a brick falls on you
and you throw it back, harder

so now I find myself
just sitting alone
in a futile rubble
of words you will not hear
learning bitter lessons
in engineering.

The photo is ruin, originally uploaded to flickr by annette62.


10 responses to “impossible bridge

  1. It is not easy to build a good bridge, but it is very easy to break it.

  2. Hi leafless, and welcome!

    Sadly that’s very true…

  3. Very well written, and so true…


  4. Beeautiful! Love it!

  5. Marvelous, Lirone how you extended the metaphor throughut. This one grabbed me in my heart. G

  6. Wonderful. Very well said. Truth of life told in an amazing manner.

  7. That’s a cracking last line. Well done, and hello. Have you settled back in yet? We must get together in the New Year, though I’m not as mobile since the puppy!

  8. I have known such experiences. They are painful. The engineering is a skill I have yet to master. Thanks for capturing his experience so well.

    (Your prompt “stardust” will be up at One Single Impression on Sunday, December 28. Please send me a poem and/or photo to accompany the prompt.)

  9. the bridge may be crumbling but this poem is powerful!! i love the metaphor.. i just finished watching a bunch of def jam poetry slams on youtube so i could hear this as spoken word in my head and it flows beautifully. i think i’m in love with your blog! i’ve got it bookmarked now… here thru one single impression.

  10. oh… so beautiful. love the ‘bridge’ that is so true. so hard to build and so easy to destroy. and then each stone feels like been thrown at you. i love it. you put it beautfuly

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