What remains…


some things are smashed beyond recall
some truths can no longer be spoken
the path between us, like a wailing wall,

littered with fragments of two hearts, broken
so that with any step closer, a fragment is crushed
a soul is seared to feel old wounds reopen

how sudden were the days that rushed
us headlong to this wounded end
all our sweet harmony so rudely hushed

I know what you want, but will not pretend
can’t protect myself without causing you pain
only walk away from what I cannot mend

how beautiful our world when love reigned
how bright those days before our fall
but now, ah, see what remains!

Sometimes prompts and events come together. Today I received an e-mail from my ex – I hadn’t expected to hear from him again, and sadly everything he said brought home to me how badly our communication is broken, and how much pain he is in right now. And with this in my mind I came across a  visual prompt on poefusion called “stages of grief”. Touching off words that slipped naturally into a terza rima structure. And all the time, echoing in my mind, the melancholy passion of a tango:

Hoy vas a entrar en mi pasado,
en el pasado de mi vida.
Tres cosas lleva mi alma herida:
Amor, Pesar, Dolor.
Hoy vas a entrar en mi pasado,
hoy nuevas sendas tomaremos.
Que grande ha sido nuestro amor
y, sin embargo, ay,
mira lo que quedo!

Today you will become part of my past
the past of my life
There are three things in my wounded soul –
love, regret, and pain
Today you will become part of my past
Today we will take new paths
How great our love once was
And yet, ay!, see what is left of it!

~Los Mareados, lyrics by Juan Carlos Cobian, my own translation


4 responses to “What remains…

  1. An excellent post, Lirone. I have to say these poems touch me. My mother recently did something I will never be able to forgive her for, so thanks for just the right words.

    I’m sorry the e-mail from your ex has brought all these feelings to the forefront again. It sounds as though your a bit stronger than he’s been though. Take comfort that your trying to move forward and that life will bring you what you need when you least expect it. Thanks for sharing such tender thoughts. Have a nice day.

  2. I like to think that any relationship can be healed, that if we could only really sit down together and talk it through all could be understood and forgiven. That even if it’s not right for you to be partners, or even friends, that you can agree on that and move on amicably.

    It hurts to find that this isn’t true – that this misunderstanding is so deep and so toxic that it seems that everything we say just makes it worse.

    I suppose I’ve been lucky – there have been very few people who I know have gone out of my life with a negative impression of me – and most people do indeed want to stick around! Which somehow makes it hurt more when I know someone thinks badly of me, that it’s unjustified, and that I can’t do anything about it.

    And yet all I can do is walk away.

    Which, of course, is so much harder when it’s your mother, Michelle… sorry to hear that something so hurtful has come between you.

  3. Beautiful. Sad, but still very beautiful.

  4. you expressed that unwanted feeling of love and lost, I especially like the part of about the wounded end, which in some relationships rarely able to end otherwise

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