My head is the head of a monster
My spine, a chain of DNA
My tail, that of a cartilaginous shark
My skin is shaped like the map of Lycia
My fur bristles like night elves marching to war
My roar, the voice of a heavy metal rock band
My wings are feathered with pages of  writing
My eyes gleam like imagined space stations
My jaws sift an unimaginable ocean
My claws are mutated insects
And my paws are as fleet as a sports car
as they pad through human dreams.
What am I?

If you’re stuck, this page might give you a clue. Thanks to Weekend Wordsmith for the prompt.


One response to “Riddle

  1. awesome!!… there is so much there and thank you for the link… loved my jaws sift an unimaginable ocean… haven’t been by in awhile.. your poetry has always been so strong..

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