Pink Feather eye-lashes, originally uploaded by Georgia de Lotz*.

for beauty we totter and preen
chemically fragranced and clean
risking blisters and rough rashes

we laugh at birds of paradise
for their long feathered vanities,
brilliant plumes and bright flashes

but how can we laugh at these birds
when humans are quite as absurd
and wear pink, plumey false lashes?

This follows up two prompts at poefusion – to write a novo otto (9 line poem with 8 syllables per line, rhymed aab ccb ddb) and to write a poem inspired by the title “fleshplumes.”

The title immediately reminded me of going shopping a few days ago and coming across a huge range of eyelashes, including bright coloured feathery ones! I was tempted to buy some just for the sheer eccentricity of the idea. But I’m sure I’d only glue them to my nose by accident, thus descending to the truly ridiculous…


4 responses to “fleshplumes

  1. Hello Lirone! I hope all is well with you. Got a good laugh from this one. I would never wear such a commodity but, those brave enough to do so I commend them. It’s difficult these days to make a strong statement and still stay true to what you like to wear. Nice job. Have a nice night.

  2. I like this one, too. And the photo! I wore some long black lashes for Halloween. Not feathered though. Feathers would have been great. Red feathered eyelashes.

  3. I think we all have a burst of exotic mania every now and then! Definitely a fleshplumes syndrome! Love your take on this prompt and the photo!

  4. the things one can purchase are bizarre.. great photo.

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