the rules (or rather The Rules)

Sometimes it’s fun to play by the rules
(and sometimes they even make sense)
Waiting for a man to seduce me with jewels
(which of course are a girl’s best friends)
At least stops me being bothered by penniless fools
And those whose sincerity is mere pretence

Sometimes it’s fun to play the ancient game
Of courtship and demure resistance
To flutter and preen like a delicate dame
Inviting chivalrous assistance
(Men’s passions seem to burn with a brighter flame
When women hold their charms at a distance)

And sometimes it’s a lot easier to tell a man exactly how much you fancy him, just what you’d like to do with him and get on with it without all this tedious and dishonest dissembling!

This rebellious sonnet is inspired by the Readwritepoem prompt to Break the Rules.


9 responses to “the rules (or rather The Rules)

  1. Haha, that is very cool. Your couplet is a free radical but it still rhymes. ‘fancy him’ ‘dissembling’, that’s a top quality quasi-rhyme.

  2. I’ll take your word for the content, But I like the thought that it’s more honest to break the rules.
    And love the way you rhyme this!

  3. Sometimes following rules, like a choreographed dance, can be satisfying in itself. But then one moves on.

  4. Wow – this read with a good cadence – it’s fun to read it several times, and the rhyme scheme works well. Down with dissembling – i hear you! G

  5. Your final couplet rocks ~ what a fun sonnet 🙂

  6. Simply love it! Tee hee!

  7. Shouldn’t the jewel really be the second best friend? You seem to be prejudging the poor fellow…lol. I must be a bit slow tonight. I started counting the syllables and went “hold on a minute…. that’s not ten …. oh. Doh!

  8. Thanks – glad you enjoyed reading it, as I certainly had fun writing it.

    Brad, my sonnets rarely attain a nice neat 10 syllables per line even if I’m trying to obey the rules.

    Oh, and I’m sure that “And I think affairs/ That you must keep liaisonic/Are better bets/ If little pets get big baguettes.” is definitely talking about jewels rather than anything else…

  9. oh this is very entertaining, I love the freeform ending

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