Skywatching again


Some days you cannot see the horizon 
for it’s shrouded with mist. Each dreary hour
drips down the clock. And you lose the power
to walk towards the dreams your heart relies on.

Some days you cannot see the horizon
because your eyes are fixed on your shoes
monochrome mood drains the world’s bright hues
and feet drag with the weight sadness ties on.

And some days you cannot see the horizon
for it’s temptingly far, and bright possibility
fills your sails with wind on a limitless sea
where each glistening dream just flies on.

This photo was taken on a flight over the Caribbean – I love the way you can’t tell where the sky ends and the sea begins!

Click here for more beautiful skies at Skywatch Friday.


21 responses to “Skywatching again

  1. I hope that right now, I’m sailingtowards lìmitless possibilities.

  2. I find that often you are, even if you don’t feel like it. But being sure of it is an amazing feeling – so I really hope you feel that way too!

  3. Good post and photo for sky watch.

  4. Beautiful picture, but your words are even more inspiring.

  5. Beautiful blues and whites. Nice job.

  6. Lovely poetry.
    I kept looking trying to tell if you were flying – it really is seamless. Lovely!!

  7. Nice poem accompanied by a lovely photo.

  8. Beautiful image, wonderful imagery. Thanks for sharing!

  9. beautiful..happy skywatch 🙂

  10. Lirone: What a neat view from above the clouds.

  11. It is magical how the sky and sea melt into each other in this photo.

  12. Ah, yes. Lovely. Cloud watching is the best – very cool looking from that “top side” perspective.

  13. Magnificent picture – I can’t find proper words to describe it. Thank you for your visit and greetings from Croatia.

  14. a nice capture …thanks for sharing with us.

  15. I absolutely love airplane shots. It oo love how you cannot tell where one begins and one ends. The poem is beautiful. The shot is amazing!

  16. What a great picture and yes you can’t see the blend

  17. Some days you can’t see the horizon
    Because you’ve flown so high.
    Very nice capture and post.

  18. Excellent content and style…keep up the good work!

  19. What a beautiful blue sky! Thanks for the visit.

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