What I have learned

To spin across a floor, without falling
To know how hard loss can be.
To hear my heart saying yes or no
and then act on what it tells me

To trust that my words know how to sing
To act on what must be done now.
To face cruel silences with tearless eyes
and a quizzically raised eyebrow

To tell my story with my own words
To be more content with my lot.
To act on what I believe is true
and challenge what I believe is not

To smile and catch a stranger’s gaze
To remember that hurts can heal.
To adjust my bike’s brakes to ride safely
and dance tall in high heels.

This is a list poem for the Miss Rumphius’ Effect Poetry Stretch, based on some of my recent reflections about what I have learned in the last year. Which also fits rather nicely with ReadWritePoem’s first anniversary.


8 responses to “What I have learned

  1. Oh, I am so impressed. First with the things you’ve learned. And the lovely words you’ve used in this poem that deserves nothing less than printing and wearing in one’s pocket as a talismanl. Absolutely lovely, lovely!

  2. I love that, and I applaud it.

  3. Great theme, beautiful execution!

  4. I like the way you wrote this, all the serious stuff you learned first, then the really important things in the last two lines. Phew!

  5. I really like the voice in this, caring and confident. Well done.

  6. I really like that last line. Beautiful!

  7. i especially like the third stanza…

  8. Excellent poem, nicely formed list and good things to have learnt… I’m still working at dancing in high heels….

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