And should we meet…

And should we meet as strangers, then?
Forgetting the painful past?
Extend our hands to shake again
Forgetting how they once clasped?

Should my healed heart make pretence
That it was never broken?
Should we ask the air to wrap in silence
The words we both heard spoken?

What future is there save one that’s built
On what has gone before?
Using the blood and tears we spilt
to make the foundation sure.
And if that idea makes your courage wilt
It’s best we should meet no more.


For Sunday Scribbling’s prompt of “stranger”.


16 responses to “And should we meet…

  1. There’s a lot of truth packed into this little poem…

  2. Lovely and brings memories of how difficult meeting someone from your past can be.

  3. That’s a lovely poem. Re-meeting a lost love is always emotional.

  4. You have captured the atmosphere of quite a sensitive cross-road.

  5. I like the way this reads so smoothly and musically! Well done!

  6. There’s really no going back, is there. Excellent work!

  7. I’m instantly fond of this one.

  8. Sometimes I think we all long to meet that person from the past – but you’re probably right with the final line.

  9. Sometimes I think we all long to meet that person from the past – but you’re probably right with the final line.

  10. very interesting topic of discussion you have here, somehow I have a feeling I am linking this a tad too much with “forgiveness”, is there anything like starting fresh, is forgetting possible, is forgiveness ever complete?. Really made me think

  11. Thanks for all your comments.

    And thanks for your interesting question, Rambler. I would say there can be forgiveness in this kind of situation, but starting afresh isn’t an option. Indeed I’d go further, and say that if you can only have contact with someone if you ignore the past, it’s a sign of unforgiven things left stewing and unspoken.

    For me it’s about being able to build on the past rather than either being obsessed by its hurts or having to block it out of your mind. Leaving the hurt in the past, but keeping the lessons and sharing an understanding of the truth. Indeed if forgiveness is real and thorough, if you have accepted and learnt from the past, then why would you choose to start afresh?

    Still, in reality it is difficult to reach that level of forgiveness, so I think often we have to choose between ignoring the past or ending the relationship.

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