No, really

It’s amazing the world
hasn’t ended yet.

No, really. It is.

It seems that, so far, the fates
were always looking away
in those moments when I fail
to be perfect.

(They can’t be paying much attention…
so I suppose there are a lot of other things
they’d rather watch)

But I’m sure one day they’ll be looking on
At just the moment when I do something
stupidly human.

And the sky will fall. The seas will boil.
The hearts of everyone I care for will break
And the whole wide world will stare
and laugh.

No, really. They will.

Another readwritepoem prompt – this time to face your fears and do it with oomph!


9 responses to “No, really

  1. Great voice! The repetition is very effective. It’s raining here, but it seems like the clouds manage to keep the sky at bay.

  2. You got it so right! Best way to deal with fears.

    illuminated fear susurrates

  3. The sense of paranoia, that the whole world is the narrator’s responsibility, is conveyed here in a very convincing manner 🙂

  4. I like this. I feel the insecurity and paranoia in this. I can relate to the feeling of “not quite being enough” and letting down others.


  5. Personal embarrassment can be devastating, but like you show with your humor, if we can laugh at ourselves it’s not quite as bad.

  6. Those fates – you can never tell what they’re up to!

  7. This is very vulnerable and honest, very engaging… and — no they won’t, really… 😉

  8. Love the way this flows, but if it does all end tonight it won’t be your fault it’ll be mine ‘cos…

  9. Oh, I do love this. Could be my theme song.

    I so appreciate the humor, the lightness for what often devastates. 🙂

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