I had it all planned today. I would finally take to work all those little things that help the office day go more smoothly. So into my cycle panier I packed:

  • A mug, green tea, black tea, two herb teas, sugar and a tea strainer
  • A coat (to avoid going to external meetings in my yellow cycle jacket)
  • Moisturiser and lipsalve to combat the dry air of the office
  • A nice scarf and just-about-smart-enough-for-work cardigan
  • A packed lunch
  • My work shoes plus a spare pair just in case I forgot to bring some in one day.

Feeling proudly organised I cycled off to the office in my leggings and scruffy t-shirt. Only when I arrived did I realise I’d forgotten:

  • My mobile phone
  • My purse
  • My diary
  • The clean top I’d been planning to change into after cycling
  • My work trousers

So I ended up meeting all sorts of people for the first time while wearing just a black cardigan over my bra (fortunately it was the wrap around kind and so wasn’t too immodest so long as I kept it tied tightly. And a scarf wrapped around my waist over the leggings – which I hoped would look like a skirt over very thick black tights. I think I just about got away with it!

Luckily, because I had my lunch and lots of tea to drink, I didn’t need money during the day. And luckily nobody called my mobile. Still, my pride in my organisation was rather short-lived!

I’m sure there’s a moral in this somewhere…


2 responses to “(Dis)organisation

  1. I’m glad to know there’s someone out there capable of much the same organizational mistakes as me. However, your scarf around the waist was much more resourceful than anything I’d ever be able to come up with.

  2. Don’t you just love that feeling? I know it well. I’m the kind that circles my own block immediately after leaving home to make sure I shut the garage door. I’d never be able to gather as many items as you did!

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