Day and night



turquoise swishes across saffron
a sussurating oscillation
as we dig for starfish
crisp cotton melts and clings
to my zaftig ebullience
bladderwrack crackles underfoot
senses seasoned with salt and desire


under the moonless sky the ocean
is starred with amethyst luminescence
meteors zoom past, illuminating
an ethereal path we could take
your fingers embrace mine with a tingle
like the sensuous fire of chillis
my body remembers resilience

After a month of being too busy to do much writing, I’m back with time to write again. So here’s a poem inspired by the latest ReadWritePoem prompt – based on the wordle cloud above.


2 responses to “Day and night

  1. What a clever – and successful – way to compose this. I’ve read a few of your tango posts (oh, how jealous I am), and when I read “bladderwrack crackles underfoot” I wondered at the entire scene. (A play? An epic?)

  2. Ok. Not jealous. Envious, wishful.

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