How do people walk where you live, and what does that say about the city and its citizens? How do you walk, and what does that say about you?

In La Paz everyone walks slowly because of the altitude. In London people walk quickly and with their bodies closed and inwards because there are so many people and the pace of life is so fast. In many cities in the USA people seem more used to driving than walking.

Here in Buenos Aires, people walk very upright – I´ve seen remarkably few people with bad posture. And it´s interesting to me, because the tango is based around walking, and the walk of Buenos Aires is proud and elegant.

I notice I´ve changed the way I walk too – partly because after all these tango lessons I´m holding myself better and walking more smoothly. I used to be very unstable at walking in high heels but the tango has taught me not just to walk backwards and spin in heels, but also to stand on one leg and lift the other leg high to do adornments! After that, simply moving around normally in high heels seems far less threatening!

It´s also interesting that when I´m thinking about tango as I walk my body is much better presented – head up, back straight, chest open, walking with a smooth and curving step rather than my usual bouncy, energetic stride. And I notice that I get more compliments in the street when I walk that way. I think it would be much more difficult to dance tango if I didn´t feel good in my body, because this way of walking does seem to put the female form on display!

Oh, and a final consequence of all these tango lessons is that I´m also putting my feet down more gently – so as not to jar my rather over-danced feet!


3 responses to “Walking

  1. I may have to take tango lessons if it does all that for you. 🙂

    People don’t walk around here. We’re out in the country so people are usually driving to get from place to place. Even on the farms they ride on tractors or some other vehicle. I’m one of the few walkers out and about on these back country roads. I think it’s the farm dogs that keep people from walking (if it’s not pure laziness). I’ll be walking along, enjoying the peacefulness of the area, when a dog will come running out of nowhere, baring teeth and looking every bit ready to attack. Scares me every time.

  2. What a wonderful description of the effect of dance on the body. Where I live people drive most of the time. It’s a city but there are large areas that don’t even have sidewalks.

  3. What, no more bouncy elephants?? 😉

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