through a haze

The stories
The lost stories
crying out in the mist for someone
to tell them, to pour into them
the breath of ink
The characters
The lost characters
seeking a plot for their loves and hates
ache to speak – but their faces lack
the pulse of ink
The dreams
The lost dreams
Nightmare and dreamsteed they gallop
white as blank paper or clotted with
the blood of ink
The writer
The lost writer
staring at the page, willing her fingers
to move, and moving, find again
the voice of ink


This is a response to Rick Mobbs’ latest excellent artwork, above, which made me conscious of how little energy I have these days for writing. It’s not quite a writer’s block, just a redirection of the energies that I might have used for writing. I’m so buried in reality just now that stories don’t flow so easily. But it will be over soon – less than a week before I can be free to live, and dance, my dreams.


5 responses to “through a haze

  1. It’ll be over soon as you say. It happens to us all, don’t it?

  2. this is beautiful lirone.

  3. I like this a lot. The way you end with “the writer” is wonderful.

  4. Your words go well with the artwork. Both are beautiful.

    “I’m so buried in reality..” I know how that is.

  5. Oh my, this is so beautiful. The cadence, the pattern, the ending — all effectively transport me to writer’s Eden. 😉 Cheers.

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