Unsent letters

tears mixed with the ink
make tender words fade
into vague memory as
with the passing of time
memory hardens into
unchallengeable myth
and all that bright hope
of healing these rifts is

This was inspired by a Poefusion prompt -to write a poem starting from the lines “Women in the silence”. And by the memory of several unsent letters I have written in my life, one of which began:

“I almost certainly will never be able to share this with you. But I have written it as a letter to you because do I want you to understand, and because I think that it would help you too, if you are ever able to open your defences sufficiently to read this with an open heart.” (me, 28 November 2008)

My muse isn’t very talkative just now, and I haven’t the time to court her. But this came to me and seemed worth sharing.


6 responses to “Unsent letters

  1. fits the prompt just right , the sadness of fading love stays with you, as your unsent letter is full of silent, unwanted emotions

    btw: your link in the Poefusion comment is wrong including your name link, I make the mistake a few times myself, it’s not a big deal, just to let you know

  2. Lirone, this is a beautiful way to quell those silenced thoughts for good. It definitely fits the prompt well. I always enjoy reading your words. Have a nice night.

  3. Interesting poem that shows the power of words (something we all love) and what happens when they are silenced. Lots of heavy emotion.

  4. This gets at the sense in which “memory’ become “unchallengable myth.” well done

  5. And it was definitely worth sharing. I like this.


  6. This is beautiful..your Muse is SO lurking!!!

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