Dawn mists over the river

I saw rather a lot of beautiful sunrises in this location… here’s another!

Beautiful skies from all over the world at Skywatch Friday


38 responses to “Dawn mists over the river

  1. The colors with the mist make for a great photo.

  2. This photo is so mysterious and wonderful. Happy Sky Watch!

  3. i love the misty look of this picture.

    what time is this?

  4. Wow! This one is wonderful! Looks almost unreal it is so beautiful.

  5. Lovely sepia morning made for meditating.

  6. The color here looks like it’s an old postcard. Nicely done. Misty mornings are magical.

    Happy SWF.

  7. It’s a magical scene alright! I love the bird that soars just to the right… a perfect touch!

  8. Lirone: I love that sunrise and it’s great to see it in conjunction with a river.

  9. This looks like Watts Bar Lake in Spring City, Tennessee looked this morning at sunrise.

  10. It most certainly is a beautiful sunset.. and thankyou for sharing it here on Sky Watch

  11. That is beautiful!~ Love the golden sky!Drop by in my SKY ENTRY if you haven’t yet! Happy SWF!~

  12. A beautiful golden glow on the water too! Lovely!

  13. Thanks everyone – this was taken about 6am so it’s definitely a sunrise.

  14. great photo. I like how you captured.

  15. Fantastic photo, love the colours and mist!

  16. This photo makes me want to put a canoe in the water and paddle around the bend. What a dreamy photo! Beautiful!

  17. Beautiful with the mist over the pond… bird flying over… golden hue… I bet you felt peaceful.

  18. Wow, that mist is simply magical! such a gorgeous shot. Happy SWF. 🙂

  19. Water and sky are such perfect companions. Your shot is beautiful. So serene and peaceful. Well captured!

  20. Lovely shot love the birds and the golden colors

  21. This is just beautiful! There is a haunting, mysterious quality to this photo

  22. Great sunrise. Love the golden hue of the sun.

  23. So beautiful with the color and mist.

  24. Great photos and color!!

  25. Love the mist! Beautiful shot!

  26. my first time to see dawn mists over a river. beautiful! I also love the reflection of the trees. Happy weekend!

  27. the mist is amazing!

  28. Wonderful colors… the photo has a mysterious timeless quality. Beautiful shot.

  29. What beautiful sepia colouring the sun has created for you to capture.

  30. That’s areally magical misyty shot.

  31. Mysterious beginning of a new day!

  32. I like the photo, nice shot!

  33. What a great capture.

  34. What a beautiful golden place.

  35. ohhhh breathtaking!

  36. Wonderful colors and I love the serene feeling!

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