Befuddled by stress, my lurching mind
Chases reality – from about 12 hours behind!
Sleeping by day and working by night
is making me feel rather less than bright.
Trapped between weariness and insomnia
I wonder if cafeina vincit omnia?

<For Sunday Scribblings. But also very real just now!


4 responses to “Insomnia

  1. A clever way to explain sleep deprivation. You’re a good one for rhymes and meter. Hope you get turned around, if this one is true!

  2. Yes, what Christine says about rhyme and meter is so true. I love the last line too.

  3. I can identify with your creative verse. It made me smile altho’ insomnia is really nothing to laugh at…

  4. sweet one. my mind is out of control in the
    middle of the night.

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