White clouds, blue sky… blue clouds, white sky

The wall of a church in Granada, Nicaragua.

Lots of amazing skies to be discovered over at Skywatch Friday


29 responses to “White clouds, blue sky… blue clouds, white sky

  1. Lovely, almost surreal, isn’t it? Like we could sky dive into the wall.

  2. Beautiful – and a great capture for SWF:)

  3. Cool sky watch photo.

  4. I love that shot! Love the bell too:D

  5. great photo. The contrast of the building and sky are perfect.

  6. Love those mission bells in graduated sizes! The simple composition speaks volumes. Very nice.

  7. The building looks like it has Sky colors, nice SWF post.

  8. i love beautiful clear blue sky

    Please drop at my SWF post also: in HERE and HERE Thanks

  9. Clever! I love your caption, and the picture is beautiful.

  10. Great sky watch… thank you for joining in here again.


  11. Nice entry. Happy skywatching.

  12. it is pretty amazing.. keep sharing some awesome pictures that way we not only me are enjoying to watch it..

    here’s mine

  13. I love those three bells against that brilliant blue sky!

  14. Love the old church against the blue sky, love the bells as well. Well done.

  15. So cool – I love the blue clouds and white sky. Great post!

  16. looks like the wall has the sky painted on it.

  17. Beautiful! I like the color and the composition.

  18. What a beautiful photograph and enjoyed the caption.

  19. The sky matches the building nicely!

  20. watta great find here! Very nice! Happy weekend!

  21. It looks like the building and sky want to blend together! Great composition.

  22. great picture I love it, I can almost hear the bells~

  23. Wow love the lighting and the architecture against that blue sky.

  24. Marvelous view, lovely old church!


  25. Amazing! You can’t tell one from the other! They blend into each other like some strange Escher-Magritt plot.

  26. That is great shot. love it!

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