Time to leave…

I’ve written two poems for the latest totally optional prompts, time to leave. Which struck me with particular relevance because I’m due to leave the country where I currently live and work in exactly a month from today.

The first poem I wrote, the second to appear here, seemed a bit bland, though did capture some of what I was feeling. And then I came across the Friday 5 at Poefusion – to write a poem using the words apiculate, sedulous, blisters, pheromones, earmarked. And out came another poem that I liked better.

Time is apiculate
Like a drop of water on a leaf vein I roll
towards the point where I will be
flicked into the void.

Each night I awaken many times
my sheets churned in imitation of my paper-littered office
On my bedside desk a notebook dozes
Waiting to grant absolution for these night-time frettings
I scribble down new tasks, gripping the pen
hard enough to get blisters.

And so the new day opens with each hour already
earmarked for another score of sedulous steps
towards the ending.

And yet despite each day’s struggles,
the boulder rolls back, every evening,
with a cargo of new tasks to trouble my sleeping.

Sometimes my tired body
catches a whiff of pheromones.
As if something is waiting for me
beyond these deadline-fenced days. But what?

Is it the scent of the fresh-mown grass
where I will roll with sheer joy
like a horse still sweaty from its just-removed harness?

Or does it presage the scent
of another sort of rolling entirely?



Once these winding streets looked new
Waiting to be walked and seen
Once the flawless sky of blue
was a treat, not just routine

Once the flavour of papaya
Welcomed me to my new place
Once I struggled and enquired
And now I babble at a rapid pace

Once my colleagues here were strangers
And now I know them far too well.
Once I was nervous of unknown dangers
Yet habit quickly broke fear’s spell.

How it all looks different, now I know
That very soon it will be time to go.


12 responses to “Time to leave…

  1. Nice work! Leaving always makes things look different, I think.

  2. They’re both nice, but I particully like the very first stanza from the first poem. It could stand as a poem by itself, IMO.

  3. Ooh Lirone~ My dear these poems are incredible. I especially love the first one. You paint such a vivid picture. I personally would like for that roll to be with someone you can enjoy for however long you can have. And, maybe when its time for you to leave you can take him with you. I wish you well on your venture. Have a nice night.

  4. “Time is apiculate!” What a dramatic stance to open a beautiful poem!

    And love the persistent pulsing rhythm of “once” in the 2nd poem!

  5. Dear friend, both poems are great although my heart leans towards your free verse. Both are very vivid paintings of your coming leave taking. Both are well written and speak of your fear. I wish you much luck on your coming move. I do hope that your web site will keep all of us in touch.
    Very well done.


  6. I like the first poem’s imaginary and the second poem’s rhythm and rhyme

  7. Always seems to be the things we take for granted that we miss the most.

  8. The first poem really does capture the anticipation of leaving home and looking forward, and expressed with such beauty and clarity. I enjoyed the second one too. Very rhythmic and the viewpoint stands in a nice contrast to the first.

  9. Both are very beautiful; They sing a song of appreciation for that which is and that which you must depart. Thanks for creating and sharing. Peace, Light and Love to you and yours. . . pleasant travels! CordieB.

  10. flicked off a leaf…dreamscape… exciting adventures await you!!!… absolution of nighttime thoughts … boulder rolls back… wonderful… flavor of papaya awaits a new place… delicious, who could ever forget a fresh cool papaya on hot afternoon…

  11. Love both, but strangely particularly the second 🙂

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