Deep in the chambers of me
something changed
A microscopic yellow globe sank finally to rest
And the wellsprings of the mist enveloping me
ran dry. Cloud started to lift.
Such a tiny change!

Above in the tangled net of my mind
Everything changed.
Like taking off the goggles of a virtual-reality nighmare
Or hearing a pneumatic drill relaxing into silence
Or being let out of a too-small space
Into the cool evening of a sweltering day
The world seems changed.

And yet
Out there in the persistence of matter
nothing has changed.
The problems are the same, the stresses and strains
The only change is microscopic, intimate, invisible. And yet
the negativity that poisoned my life yesterday
is gone as if it never existed at all.
Sometimes small changes
are the sweetest.

A poem that follows on from my earlier poems Weeping and Hormonal winter.


8 responses to “Changes

  1. Wow, this was nicely done! I liked the imagery you used. Original and intriguing.


  2. Love “the tangled net of my mind”! I have so been where this poem is! Beautiful!

  3. the eternal transformation…very nice!

  4. sometimes calm,, even short lived,, is such a wonderful feeling….

  5. I can feel the tension and release here.

  6. One degree can alter life as we know it.
    Beautiful writing.
    My entry on Miracle
    September 7,

  7. Yes, sometimes small changes are the sweetest.

  8. Indeed! A cloud lifted… Know just the feeling. Isn’t it odd? Lovely poem. Did you see the typo on “nighmare”, by the way?

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