Trying to stitch everything up in time
Isn’t saving me, it’s driving me crazy
The needle whirrs along an erratic line
Stabbing a finger, which I lick, too lazy
To find a plaster to protect the work
From the blackberry stains of my blood
The cliff of the Deadline seems to lurk
Ahead of me, obscured by thick cloud.
Trying to listen to everything, voices blur –
I’m not taking care of myself. Going too fast,
My mother tells me – I irritably must concur
But the future is devoured by a ravenous past
And I keep on stitching with my feverish hand
As time runs between my fingers like sand.

With a month to go before my current job finishes, life is a bit mad. And while I definitely need the distraction of blogging, I don’t have much time for it! So seeing this week’s challenge at The Miss Rumphius effect struck me as perfect:

Ten-Minute Spill. Write a ten-line poem. The poem must include a proverb, adage, or familiar phrase that you have changed in some way, as well as five of the following words:

  • cliff
  • needle
  • voice
  • whir
  • blackberry
  • cloud
  • mother
  • lick
  • I ended up with a sonnet using all the words, but just squeaking in under the 10 minute threshold which I was quite pleased by! And writing in a rush seemed very appropriate to the topic, as well as the time available!


    5 responses to “Time

    1. That is a cool one, Lirrone, quick but careful rhythm and a very twist on the old proverb. Cool,

    2. It’s too hard to put everything the way it should be. Perhaps, it’s nice to try, though.

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    4. That is awesome! I think I understand now what I am supposed to do, but I am not sure I can do it… Thanks so much for sharing!

    5. Well done, Lirone. These days everything seems a rush. Growing up it didn’t seem that way but now I wonder where the time goes. Nice job. Have a nice day.

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