The world is splintering. Tearing apart
Each day a slow-motion explosion
Of the fragments of my aching heart
Fighting to contain erupting emotion

Arms ache to close the ruptures (yours too weak
To do more than wish to return my embrace)
Tears unite our flesh, pressed cheek to cheek
As if resisting the separation we soon must face.

Yet how can mere arms contain the storm?
The ripping in my chest can only echo your pain
Not take it away – I can’t even keep you warm!
And each embrace is closer to never again.

Tangled in the racing fuse our arms strain to hold
Our world safe for one more hug before it can explode.

Of all the words I’ve read this week, these, from the powerful and poignant blog The Price of Love, were the ones that stayed with me, and turned into a poem:

“I hugged her and comforted her as best I could, feeling her pain heaving through the sobs against my chest. I held her then, but what more could I do when I was tearing down the middle inside?”


10 responses to “Explosion

  1. Wow. Such a sorrowful but wonderful place to take your inspiration, and wonderful use of the sonnet form to convey these emotions.

    Well done.


  2. You caught me with this one.
    ‘arms ache to close the rupture/yours to weak’

  3. Very emotional, and powerful writing.

  4. Thank you, Lirone. A sonnet, no less! This Stratford-upon-Avon boy is seriously impressed. I’m honoured.

  5. Strong line craft, effusive emotions contained in a sonnet. Great way to find inspiration on the web!

  6. I like the relation between form and feeling here. “each embrace is closer to never again” is a great line.

  7. lirone, thank you for sharing a beautiful poem… even more so b/c of the referenced poem… the line that caught my breath.. “..And each embrace is closer to never again…” regardless of our desires time ticks forward…

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