Mama, see, see! The bright salmon moon
is leaping high in the sky – and soon
All my friends will be dancing

Mama, I’ve put on my dancing shoes
Which long to sparkle through the music’s hues
Like my feet, they’re keen to go dancing !

Mama, you may think I’m still too small
But I’m old enough to hear the music call
So don’t stop me going out dancing.

Mama, please, don’t smother me so tight
But let me go honour this magical night
With my feet and their happiest dancing

This was the first poem I produced in response to a picture by Rick Mobbs – I wrote it without the picture in front of me, and realised, on seeing the picture again, that it didn’t really fit. So I produced another poem, which is more closely linked to Rick’s picture, and posted it yesterday with the picture. But I didn’t want to lose this poem, which I thought was rather fun, so here it is in a post of its own.


2 responses to “Dancing

  1. i don’t believe that this doesn’t suit the picture,, not at all,, after all,, isn’t it all about what it draws from you that counts??? this was fun,, and i enjoyed it equally as much as i enjoyed the other entry….

  2. It just didn’t suit the expression on the girl’s face… and for some reason I’d forgotten that it was an angel, not her mother, holding her. I like the poem, which is why I decided to post it, but felt it didn’t quite fit well enough with the story in the picture.

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