A cheerful little bird told me it’s ruby tuesday…

I’ve been looking for a good excuse to share this picture of a bird I encountered on my recent travels. And well, why not Ruby Tuesday! Apparently he’s a young vermilion flycatcher moulting into his adult plumage.


12 responses to “A cheerful little bird told me it’s ruby tuesday…

  1. One thing I do miss in Florida is the breeding songbirds.

  2. Wow! what a great capture…beautiful bird, great photo. Love red against green.

  3. How beautiful! 🙂

  4. love the bird great catch

  5. What a gorgeous shot! Just beautiful!

  6. He is a beautiful little bird! You got such a prefect shot of him.

  7. Red and gray makes for a perfectly styled bird, no camouflages. Just a distinctive change to the natural greens everywhere…

  8. How cute!! I wish I can pick up birdwatching as a hobby!

  9. I have to say photography is a doddle when you have a bird that poses so beautifully, angling his head and chest to catch the light and making sure he is in front of a contrasting background that shows off his beautiful red feathers to best advantage!

  10. Oh what an incredible photo Lirone! What a beautiful bird. And a perfect choice for Ruby Tuesday. Well done.


  11. My first vermilion flycatcher, lirone! Thank you Happy Ruby Tuesday!

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