Coming home

The road twists and turns beneath my weary feet–
(I have to walk, it’s too steep to drive)
Until finally, against all the odds,
I arrive.

I have never seen it before
And yet this strangely peaceful space
immediately feels like home.
My place.

There’s something homely in the warm gold
of the light, quietly softened by mist
The cushions waiting plumply
to be squished

Here I can be myself
Here my soul learns how to rest
And I can walk out bravely, knowing the safety
of my fortress

Is always there for me to retreat to
When the world proves unkind.
Out of darkness I have found a safe home
in my wandering mind.

Partly for One Single Impression, but mostly to express the feelings (discussed more clearly in this post), about coming home to my sense of myself.

The photo is another image from my recent travels


16 responses to “Coming home

  1. Everyone does need a retreat, a safe place to reconnect with self.

  2. Oh this is wonderful Lirone. I can so relate to your words too. Home is where the heart is, not necessarily where we were born. Lovely photo too. Hugs, G

  3. Maybe I’ve been too cryptic – this isn’t actually about coming home to a place at all!

  4. Very nice structure here–like the rhyme, and the shorter final line in each stanza. Love the line, “homely in the warm gold.”

  5. The rhythm of this poem is very interesting. The abruptness of the last lines works to propel the reader on to the next stanza.

  6. I’ve had many ‘homes’, each one perfect for the time…this work is wonderfully well written!

  7. I have many places within my mindscape I’d rather not come home to…yet I think I know of that place you speak of and it migrates far too often.

  8. “Here I can be myself”–what a beautiful line in a beautiful poem.

  9. I like how you end each stanza with a shorter verse, emphasizing the coming home aspect of the poem.

  10. Interesting to get different reactions to the short last lines . I like to use suddenly short lines because it brings out those words more strongly. I hadn’t thought of using it either to emphasise the coming home aspect or to propel the reader forward. As often happens, I just let the structure come out of what I’m writing – including the rhyme – but I’m glad it worked for you 😉

    Mad celt – yes, sometimes I forget where I put the key to my refuge! But I seem to find my way back to it more readily these days…

  11. Beautiful, and I would say being at that spot is worth the hike to get there.

  12. a beautiful photo of serenity… i am glad you found a place/fortress to rest your soul in your wandering mind…

  13. your poem reminds me that if one cannot be at home with onesself, one will never truly be at home anywhere

  14. Sandy – oh yes, definitely worth it!

    Pieceofpie – I don’t know why, but this home inside me feels like a very golden space. So the photo fitted it well!

    Qualcosa di bello – exactly!

  15. I guess the best home is the one we find within.
    Thank You for sharing this poem.

  16. what a beuatiful, beautiful photo and tender words to go by…………

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