Pickpocket time

Swift-handed pickpocket time
Tries to steal the spring from my step
And the smile from my face

I must constantly refurbish my soul
Worn down by the endless ticking-off
Of swift-handed pickpocket time

The world proposes skin-deep remedies
Vainly promising to lift the weight of days
That steal the spring from my step

But alone in dark hours, my patient soul
Meditates with ink and paper
Until a smile returns to my face

Swift-handed pickpocket time
May steal the spring from my step
But not the smile from my face

For poefusion – firstly the friday five (pickpocket, heal, refurbish, propose, face), and secondly the form of a cascade poem. I’ve played around quite a lot with the lines, and added an extra verse that’s very close to the first one, but I think I’ve still kept the basic feel of a cascade.


4 responses to “Pickpocket time

  1. Lirone, this is great. I love how you used the first stanza again as your last. It somehow sharpened a strong form. Love the way you made time a pickpocket too. It certainly has a way of sneaking up on you. No need to look toward the world’s remedies though because in the end you are still going to grow old. Nice job. Have a nice day.

  2. Great!, very lyrical.

  3. All of your poetry I have read so far is beautifully and carefully made and has a very delicate but precise tone. I will back many times,

  4. Michelle – thanks for a great set of words to play with. It’s amazing what the brain finds to do with unusual words!

    Cynthia – hello again!

    Paul – welcome, good to see you here and thanks for your kind words. Look forward to hearing from you again!

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