Monkey mind

Chattering, wriggling, niggling
The monkey on my shoulders
Can’t keep still

You’re too lazy…
Your dreams are foolish fantasies…
They’ll never happen…

Why bother trying?
Your mind is too blunt…
Will too weak…

Thought after thought
chases its tail – restless, futile
Lost in undergrowth

Remember when you…
And when you failed to…
It’ll happen again…

Only if they…
Or if you can avoid…
But what if…

You ought to…
Why can’t you ever stop…
You really must…

Pen against paper
Whispers a subtle lullaby… until
the monkey sleeps

The nagging voices
The ghosts of old memories
Fall sweetly silent

And the mind
No longer monkey-scattered

For me there is a real magic in writing. Somehow it focusses me, calms me, and allows me to focus very clearly and purely on something. Sometimes so much that I forget to eat, or ignore the fact that my feet are getting cold and I ought to put slippers on.

When I first started blogging my mind was churning with endless thoughts and reflections on my old relationship. Hopes and fears and if-only’s made the space in my head feel untidy and uncomfortable. But writing settled down the churn a bit, allowed me to take individual strands and explore them until they stopped bothering me. So that I could move forward, rather than round and round in circles.

And when I saw the prompt on readwritepoem, to write a poem about being in the moment, I wanted to find a way to convey this feeling. I’ve also tried my hand at a lune chain for the first time. You can read how other poets have responded to the same prompt here.

Oh, and the photo is one I took a few weeks ago – her face seems so innocent that it seems unfair to attach her to this poem, but I couldn’t resist sharing it. And the monkey mind often pretends to be sweet, innocent, and on our side!


11 responses to “Monkey mind

  1. Hi, thanks for the comment! I like how this poem emphasizes our power, if just for a moment, to take ourselves beyond the
    “monkey mind”. It’s so easy to get caught up in little thing.

    Love the site!

  2. You convey the power of the “monkey mind” very well here but also its overcoming. The power of focus.

  3. I believe all persons who consistently try their hand at writing have enjoyed those playful monkeys. I enjoyed the experience of the moment you created and relate to it often. Pesky monkeys! Is your picture a Malaysian variety of Spider Monkey? Thanks.

  4. I try to escape the monkeys..

    Loved the way you put it..

    plunging in the tunneled abyss

  5. Oh, yes, been there! I love how you captured the feelings!

  6. Bringing the chaos all together to one still moment – creation. Nice.

  7. Yes, I’ve been having a lot of problems lately with the monkey mind myself. I’m glad you wrote the poem about feeling that way ’cause I would’ve just gotten depressed if I’d tried LOL. Nicely done!

    My poem this week was more about how I try to get past that ol’ monkey 🙂

  8. I think most people will recognise this monkey….

  9. Somehow it doesn’t surprise me so many people have monkeys of their own… but it’s definitely possible to get them to shut up, at least for a while!

  10. “Pen against paper/whispers a subtle lullabye…” captures it perfectly. Nice work.

  11. This really spoke to me. I got goosebumps as I read the last stanza.

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