Fire and water

A photo from my recent trip to the jungle…. I promise no photoshopping or other colour manipulation was used in this photo – that’s exactly the colour it was!

For Skywatch Friday.


13 responses to “Fire and water

  1. Wow. That is an impressive photograph. One of the best I have seen. The shimmer in the water and the reflection are just nice to see.


  2. Wow – stunning! I would love to go there:)

  3. Beautiful colours, amazing landscape, just excellent SWF shot:)

  4. Gorgeous purples and pinks. I love all the subtle shading, and the reflection in the water.

    Thanks for sharing with SkyWatch Friday. Have a great weekend!

    –Lynellen, #316 this week’s SkyWatch
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  5. amazing colours and wonderfully shimmering water, lovely

  6. I love that photo and can pretend that I have visited the jungle..

  7. Doesn’t get any more beautiful than that…

  8. I believe you about the colours. It is so breathtaking. Fantastic scenery. Would love to go there.

  9. Stunning colors and beautiful scenery! Well done! I love this photo!!

  10. Just beautiful. What a combination.

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