Eyes of every colour fight back bitter tears
Watching others’ flags salute the sunlight.
Defeated by a falling bar, a stumbling foot
All recorded in the merciless precision of green digits
Dreams ended in a tide of wasted sweat and blood.

For pen me a poem’s prompt to write about the Olympics. Some competition is healthy, and I admire the huge efforts that people put into aiming for the top of their game. But I can’t help feeling for those who strive so hard only to end up walking away with no prizes.


One response to “Competition

  1. I really like your poem. And how you posted it in five different colours. Not saying that one person is better than another but on the day, good luck sometimes is the decider.

    I, too, feel for those athletes who walk away and are forgotten by the world and their countrymen after competing. It seems that we are only interested in the winners and all the ones who don’t win are losers. But really, those who compete and don’t win are still the fastest and best in their respective countries. The heart of the Olympics is about striving to be your best but I think the message has gotten lost along the way.

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