The mind sends a love letter…

Gentle heart, ………….naïve as a child
beating quietly so as …. not to disturb anyone
I love your wonderful foolishness. Your strength
not the strength of a tree, or a fortress, or a prison
but the strength of the fragile walls of a termite nest.
So easily breached, but in the very moment of damage
your healing hordes start scurrying to patch the breach.
the tear-wet mud dries fast, and leaves the wall stronger
than ever- yet still able to breathe. I try to protect you,
but you are wiser than I, and my blundering attempts
to protect you often do you deeper harm.
But you do not blame me – you heal
and then simply forgive
my gentle heart


2 responses to “The mind sends a love letter…

  1. Beautiful! 🙂

  2. a beauty, and so true, your gentle words
    to an always loving heart, we feel the
    need to protect.

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