Sage and brushstrokes

Blankness does not frighten her.
Complexity just an amusing toy,
abandoned long ago

Her palsied hand is steadier
than the giddy universe
whose constellations are here distilled
in the meeting of mineral, wood and water.

Blue-clouded eyes look inwards, yet
breath flows like light
through infinities of space
and time.

The slowest of brushstrokes
caresses the receptive page,
and galaxies are consummated
in a gentle sigh of ink.

For poefusion‘s Tuesday title prompt – to write a poem with the title “Sage and brushstrokes”.

The picture above is actually a photo, Grass Blades in Snow, originally uploaded by MontanaRaven. But to me it looked like a zen brush painting – and a perfect companion for this poem!


3 responses to “Sage and brushstrokes

  1. I love it, Lirone. Love how you related the writing process to the universe. The universe can give one inspiration if they just look at it long enough instead of ignoring it like most do in their rush to get somewhere. Nice job. Have a nice night.

  2. Hey, saw your poem featured on PWB, plus the shout out for 31 poems in 31 days. Way to go! That’s quite a marathon.

    The first stanza of this poem is a real attention grabber. That first line pulled me right in.

  3. I don’t know quite why, but it just spontaneously happened without ever having to push myself to write another poem… so in the end I produced 37 poems with surprisingly little struggle! Obviously my muse is in overdrive…

    Glad you liked this poem – as someone who likes to spell everything out, it was interesting to explore a slightly more ambiguous, and perhaps more poetical, use of language.

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