Each month of this year is lit like a calendar
With the image of last year’s remembered emotions

(June – a tentative and curious first meeting
July – the intense joy of souls matching perfectly
August – honeymooning together in the sunshine)

Each day’s story is related to its counterpart
A year ago. Not tied to it, just compared.

(September – the start of a shared life
October – sudden argument and deep hurt
November – mute and painful silence)

Some days are shadowed, others lit brighter
By the echoes of their year-older siblings

(December – dark days of lonely weeping
January – crawling slowly out of darkness
February – new life sparked by pen on paper)

Yet all, somehow, are strongly founded on
the deep-learnt lessons of a year intensely-lived.

(March – seeking a fresh direction
April – a journey to a new world
May – finding better dreams to dream)

And now each month I lay down the ground
For the days and months that are still to come,

(June – the cycle begins again…


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6 responses to “Months

  1. I love how the italicized remembrance offers a formal counterpart to the relation of the past and present. This takes on a complicated emotional state/idea and makes it something we can all relate to.

  2. Thanks Nathan – I’ve been trying to work out a way of expressing this strange feeling for some time, so I’m glad I managed to convey it!

  3. The italics fitted in perfectly with the rest.
    I enjoyed this.

  4. The uniqueness of your presentation really makes this poem! You found a way to make the pain seem fresh.

  5. a very nice presentation of old and new, memories and hopes, tears and new directions – i love the way that you captured the essence of the way we really live, comparing the now to the flashbacks – most enjoyable!!!

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