Decanted out of the office
I expand into looser clothes
Like wine liberated from its cork
And free, at last, to breathe.
My hair, released from its prim twist
Falls into curls like amber wings.
I chase butterflies across the red-rotten
Timber of wandering jungle stairways
I shout gleefully back at the macaws
Screaming brightly in the treetops,
Trail my fingers in warm tea-coloured rivers
And swing in the ease of hammocks.
Briefly intoxicated by the sweet tasting air
And the fresh re-dawning of carefree days.

This is a jigsaw poem for Poets who Blog – composed using ten words supplied by various poets – decant, loose, hair, twist, amber, wings, chase, timber, shout, taste, carefree. And it rather nicely sums up what I’ve been doing for the last week or so! You can see the work that other poets have done based on these words here.


11 responses to “Carefree

  1. Sure do love this flight to freedom!

  2. just reading your words is a refreshment!

  3. ..thanks for sharing “this flight to freedom”..

  4. This is fantastic, Lirone. I felt the liberation coursing through me like a river.

  5. Your words let me accompany you out of the work week and into a wonderful jungle. Great poem.

  6. Happy to have you all along for the ride… photos to follow soon!

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  8. Ah, the ever-elusive freedom. Lovely work!

  9. This is the essence of wild luxury! Quite mesmerising!

  10. I really enjoyed this poem. As the return to the schoolyear approaches this will probably describe my feelings come september! Beautiful.

  11. I’m glad I wrote this poem… now I’m back in the world of work it’s a very pleasant reminder of happier days. Glad I managed to provide so many of you with a brief moment of escape!

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