Traveller’s tales

This post may take some time to load, but I think it will be worth it. These photos were all taken on one spectacular plane journey (from South to North America), which I and my notebook enjoyed greatly! I have to say that long journeys are great for getting lots of writing done!

Stern peaks chronicle
In golden calligraphy
The elements’ war

High in mountain air
I forgot the caress of rain
The softness of haze

A landscape doodled
With meandering paintbrush
By some toddler god.


High as the proud crests
Of towering thunderheads
I soar over sea.

Island paradise
Haloed in dreamy reefs of
Pearl, gold and turquoise

A beacon beckons
Bright in the softness of night
Calling me onwards.


Perhaps appropriately for a post about travel, I’m posting this on the Meme Express.


11 responses to “Traveller’s tales

  1. Love the photos! The doodling “toddler god” image is amazing.

    Thanks for participating at MEME EXPRESS. Hope you’ll be back! Just added you to the blogroll!



  2. I LOVE these shots. I’m a real fan of airplane shots, but these ones are amazing. Your haiku are great, especially the toddler god.

  3. Your 2nd and 3rd pics especially fascinate me! They have quite an unusual perspective!

  4. The toddler god is talented. Thanks for the poetry as you took us on the journey.

  5. Perfect catch for SWF!! Mine’s up too hope you can drop by. Happy weekend

  6. Beautiful landscapes are my favourites

  7. Very calming, beautiful shots. Loved them all, and especially the second photo. Great post!

  8. great pics have nice weekend

  9. Great post – loved all of it! Nice weekend to you from Trondheim, Norway

  10. Wow… as I don’t fly these are just stunning for me to see each one is awesome.

  11. Hello and welcome to all those people who’ve not commented before! I have to say this was a really beautiful flight, – I too don’t fly often these days, which does make me appreciate just how beautiful and unusual a perspective it can give you!

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