Hot summer roads

Deep-fried gravel burns
The weary soles stumbling through
A summer’s oven.

Yet another haiku, this time in response to the Tuesday Title at Poefusion, which in this case was the phrase “deep-fried gravel”. The photo is Hot Summer Gravel Road, originally uploaded to Flickr by Jared in Kansas.


3 responses to “Hot summer roads

  1. Lirone, this makes me remember when I used to run barefoot through the yard/ across gravel roads as a child. How I have loved this trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice night.

    Glad you are enjoying the Tuesday Titles, as well. I will keep offering them and hope they won’t get to boring as time passes.

  2. a summer’s oven, yes just right for the prompt, reminds me of summer where no matter what you wear, the heat will sink straight through your skin

  3. Deep fried gravel would definitely be uncomfortable to walk on. Your haiku and the photo go together very well.

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