Fighting love – haiku

Cold bed, blank white sheets
The sore battlefield of hearts
In pyrrhic conflict.

This was written for Pen me a poem’s latest prompt – war


7 responses to “Fighting love – haiku

  1. Oh, powerful punch.

  2. Fabulous imagery, Lirone. I am sensing another level of metaphor beyond my intuitive response.

  3. I loved knowing what the prompt was on this, too. It really made me look at the haiku anew.

  4. In my Buddhist days I remember doing meditations on loving kindness, and my teacher saying that it was often easy to feel a generalised love for unspecified human beings in the world, but that to really have securely-grounded love we needed to focus on feeling it for those closest to us – whose faults we know and live with on a daily basis. And, of course, we need love for ourselves too.

    Often the personal seems insignificant in the face of the global problems – but if we can’t live at peace with ourselves and our immediate contacts, how can we hope to do better at a global level?

  5. from the dark ashes
    dumped in raging emotions
    placid pool awaits

  6. I had to look up “pyrrhic” but good take on the prompt, “The sore battlefield of hearts” – what a great line

  7. I love the double entendre here.

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