A dream

Last night you finally came to me
Your arms both opened wide
In your eyes I again could see
The love that once burned inside

Ambling along a beach at sunset
Unselfconsciously hand in hand
Softly we spoke of the day we met
And the dreams that we had planned

And sweetly your apologies healed
The fissures in my heart,
With explanations that revealed
Why you had split us apart.

And as you turned to smile at me
Your face had the features of all
The lovers so long divided from me,
Wistfully or dimly recalled.

And somehow I awoke consoled,
Heart shedding the dust of old pain,
Through this strange dream reconciled
And set free to love again.

I rarely remember my dreams, so when I do it has particular significance for me. And although it’s hard to capture the power of the experience, I find it helps to try!

Normally the problem with dreaming that everything has been put right is that you wake to the painful reality that nothing has been! But somehow the fact that this was not one lover but all of them combined made it different and consoling.


One response to “A dream

  1. Healing self takes time, dreams can serve as markers along the path.

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