I is for…

i is for bug

Immured in introspection
I investigate isolation
in inscrutable islands.

(Islands’ insect inhabitants 
infuriatingly inject irritants

In intimate idyll
I inhabit idealised identities
– Iseult, Ishmael, Ishtar.

(Insect-injected ichor
incites insistent irritation.
Impatiently I imbibe imidazole.)

Infinite interstellar intensity
inspires inflowing ideas
in its intoxicating indigo.

(Its inspiration is ineffective.
I’m intellectually impeded.
Infernal itching!)


A poem for the letter “I” – inspired by Rick Mobbs’ picture above. And the verses in brackets are heartfelt – I have mosquito bites all over my feet, which definitely distract me from the beautiful scenery! Imidazole, by the way, is an antihistamine…


8 responses to “I is for…

  1. I’m smiling over my stolen lunch, enjoying my stolen internet.

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  3. *applause*

    What a great poem. 😀

  4. Impressive. Ingenious.

  5. Wonderful poem!

    Sorry about the bites and itchies.

  6. Wonderful! Rolls off the tongue.

  7. you handled this one perfectly!
    what a great job!

    empty garden

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