Between nowhere and goodbye…

Two ghosts haunt me.
With me in my bed and in the street.
In my writing and in my thinking.

One sweet ghost, one cruel ghost.
Their faces blurred, but identical.
Trapped, with me, between nowhere and goodbye.

The ghosts and I had long conversations
That never seemed to reach any conclusion –
For a mind whose substance is drifting and unreal
Cannot be convinced like
A mind of flesh and blood.

At first they were with me every hour,
Then every day,
Now I see them
Once a week,
(or maybe less).
And one day they
Will come no more.
By the sun of a new day.

And I have learnt
That speaking to the sweet ghost
Brings me heartache, for his consoling words
Are only lies and webs of illusion.

And though the harsh ghost is brusque
And does not listen to me
His is the truth I need
To muster my will
To drive those ghosts away.

Nobody else sees them
Nobody else hears them
But I walk through my day
With the two ghosts of one person –
The lover I thought I had
And the lover I had.

Both, now,

This responds to Sunday Scribblings’ prompt to write about ghosts. And I’ve just renamed it and added a line to the second verse, having seen Michelle’s Tuesday Title prompt on poefusion, which fits it like a glove!


15 responses to “Between nowhere and goodbye…

  1. very poignant!!!

  2. Very thought provoking take on the prompt. Enjoyed it!

  3. Thanks for your comments… they surprised me because sadness wasn’t the feeling uppermost in my mind in writing it! Though it does look back on a time of intense sadness and heartache, so perhaps that still comes through.

    For me this arose out of a sense of fascination at the way our mind can have so many long conversations with the imagined image of someone. And also an acceptance (and relief) that, with time, these images are fading and now barely feature in my thoughts.

  4. Yeah, I have conversations in my head with people I need to work things out with all the time, so I know all about such ‘ghosts’. A very beautiful poem. “Poignant” is the word, as someone rightly commented. And that’s quite a fall!

  5. I can relate to these two ghosts, Lirone. The hardest part, I found, was letting go of the desperate need to make the harsh ghost more like the sweet ghost.

  6. ghosts, like people who have gone from our lives but still live around in sound form, you’ve express the emotions very well, I don’t see it as sad but very moving

  7. You sound like you’re describing my ghosts from a failed relationship years ago.

    Awesome write.


  8. Thank you for this image–and reminder of the people we create for ourselves who aren’t really there. Out of need, or believing.
    I enjoyed this.

  9. I think we all have these imaginary conversations with people who have in some way had an impact on us. And after a relationship ends they can be very persistent!

    I’ve been trying to find a way to describe it for some time, and the idea of ghosts (thanks, Sunday Scribblings!) seemed the perfect way to go about it.

  10. I love these kinds of ‘thinking out loud’ moments because you can find some real truths lurking in these conversations. It allows one to move outside the hurt and see that person again without the pain. A powerful write, Lirone. Nice job. Have a nice day.

  11. I enjoyed reading this poem. I particularly like the line, “For a mind whose substance is drifting and unreal Cannot be convinced like A mind of flesh and blood”. How often I have tried to argue with what already happened trying somehow to change the outcome.

  12. I think it’s fascinating what these conversations can and can’t resolve. They can’t change anything in the relationship, or what has happened between you, as you point out, Pam, but as Michelle says you can find out some important truths in the process.

  13. ghosts often make the best lovers… this was really a thought provoking piece…

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