Above my firmly planted feet
my slender waist sways
as I turn to show myself
in my full glory.

I tread, as all beauties must
that delicate knife edge –
Seducing those with what I need.
Avoiding those who might hurt.

Youth is achingly short – so I
must seize each sunlit hour.
Before age’s frost can wither
the very life in my veins.

So don’t call me names
or criticise my seductive ways.
Don’t blame me because I
dress in the sexiest colours;

chosen to flaunt, not conceal
my intimate parts, which glisten
with the tantalising nectar
so many bees have died for.

This was inspired (rather belatedly) by an old Totally Optional Prompt – to write a poem from the point of view of a flower! Well, what else did you think I was writing about?


4 responses to “Seduction

  1. Oh wow, this is good. Fucking good.

  2. Lovely! Charming! How subductive!
    How right you are not to refrain from “show[ing] [yourself] in all [your] glory”!

  3. Ha, a wonderfully seductive poem in that it pulled me in another direction altogether. Very fun and clever.

  4. I love it! You captured the feelings of the flower so well!

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