Welcome to your garret…

“Ye can stow yer clobber here
And bed down in yon hay
If ye hear summat wail in t’night
It’s just our Rosie – she’s on heat
(Not the sort of behaviour
we encourage here
even in bitches, mark ye!)
So yer a writer, then?
Well, scrawl away. It won’t
put food on yer plate, or mine
but happen it’s harmless enough.”

This was a response to the friday five at poefusion – to write a poem including the words: clobber, wail, encourage, scrawl, and hay.


6 responses to “Welcome to your garret…

  1. Love the last line, so casual, so cutting and so true.

  2. Ah, that killer at the end!
    Oh well, still enjoyed it 😦

  3. So true writing won’t put food on the table but, it sure is nice when those words come together for that perfect piece. Thanks for sharing such a great poem. Have a nice night.

  4. i just love poetry with a voice… this was so cool…

  5. makes me chuckle a bit, took a few reads to get the language but I guess it makes more sense to read it out loud which I don’t usually do, but a good piece to ponder over especially the use of the language

  6. I must admit the dialect is far from authentic – y0rkshire with a dash of devon, I suppose!

    “Clobber” in the sense I’ve used here struck me as a word that belonged in this type of dialect- and I couldn’t resist fitting the rest of the poem about it!

    And needless to say I don’t agree with the sentiments in the last lines! Not the best way to make a living, but definitely not to be dismissed as “harmless enough”!

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