Escapist reading – two haiku

Through a gate of words
My heart escapes its fear. Rests
In other minds’ dreams.

Do I spend too long,
Safe but lonely, inside my
Paper-walled fortress?


23 responses to “Escapist reading – two haiku

  1. i don’t know about you,, but i sure as hell do….

  2. Long time no comment lirone…but I still read your stuff almost every day. Nevertheless, the imagery of your haiku compelled me to speak up. Excellent metaphors in both. And excellent word-smithing. In particular:
    “gate of words” from 1
    “paper-walled fortress” from 2.
    Two sides of one coin, nes pa?

  3. Paisley – it’s so tempting, isn’t it!

    Hi Flavormonkey – didn’t know you were still reading, but glad you are, and glad these haiku flushed you out!

  4. That’s very deep and looks at the very heart of blogging. Are we what others perceive?

    Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate you taking the time to read and react.

  5. Brian – I hadn’t actually thought about blogging, actually – for me the haiky were more about reading books. But your interpretation makes sense too!

    And the appreciation is mutual!

  6. Books? Who has time to read books? 😉

  7. Whoever said I had enough time to read books? I just do it anyway. Hence the question in the second haiku! 😉

  8. I can truly relate to these words!

  9. This is a question I’ve often asked myself. Thanks for giving the thought a shape.

  10. The overall impression I’m left with after reading your haiku: a labyrinth. Both a way in and a way out, and then to go round again. A bit like how I’ve been experiencing my new life in a new home. 🙂

  11. Sandy, tumblewords – I think many of us book-lovers face the same challenge!

    Patricia – yes, there’s something of that. The refuge we sought can become a trap if we’re not careful. True of so many things!

  12. I especially like the second – the book as a “paper-walled fortress.” Both wonderful.

  13. these could have been my thoughts, I love how books can take you somewhere else but I only wish I could read these days, too many distractions

  14. Paper-walled fortress – my favorite line

  15. I know I’ve escaped inside my own paper-walled fortress.

    I like this.


  16. No, as soon as I get done here, I am going to go read!

  17. ..great metaphors for a book (at times a metaphor itself)..many thanks..

  18. This is poetry at its best and a wonderful response to the prompt. You have reminded me of another of my multiple sources of comfort.

  19. very profound thoughts woven into your verses – i enjoyed them very much, they both spoke deeply to me!!!

  20. Great haiku! I guess it’s hard to find the balance between spending too much time lost in words and neglecting reality, and just enough that reality doesn’t overwhelm.

  21. in other mind’s words..made me think a lot..may be i am so much like this

  22. Oh, that “paper-walled fortress” is divine. Brilliantly done.

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